Fellowes 鑽檯式可調較鍵盤托 Underdesk Keyboard Drawer

貨號 FW 91403 分類



產品所選用之膠料,可作100% 循環使用, 合乎環保要求

鍵盤托及滑鼠平台備有伸縮設計, 節省空間


人體工學設計, 特別適用於辦公室使用

附有 3 個可調較高度選擇,距離檯底分別為45, 54或 63 mm

路軌長度: 350 mm

整組鍵盤托尺吋: 730 (長) x 300 (闊) mm

滑鼠平台尺吋: 190 (長) x 200 (闊) 毫米

安裝要求 (最少):

a) 檯面深度 400 mm

b) 檯面闊度 720 mm

c) 檯面厚度 19 mm

Product contains 100% recycled materials

Height adjustable unit moves keyboard and mouse off the desktop to save workspace

Mouse tray mounts to right or left side of keyboard tray or stows underneath

Sturdy, impact-resistant tray fits standard and ergonomic keyboards

Features 3 height adjustments i.e. 45 , 54 or 63 mm to suit preferred work position

Track length: 350 mm

Product dimension:730 (L) x 300 (W) x 44 – 64 (H) mm

Mouse pad platform size:190 (L) x 200 (W) mm

Installation requirement:

a) Table depth : 400 mm

b) Table width : 720 mm

c) Table thickness: 19 mm



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