Fellowes 高級全方位鍵盤托組合 Designer Suites Compact Keyboard Tray

貨號 FW 8017801 分類



全方位式自由調較鍵盤托, 即使在夾窄空間下, 依然發揮盡用空間之優勢

旋鈕式上鎖設計, 方便靈活調較高度及角度, 工作起來自然得心應手

Warning Trak™設計, 有效防止滑鼠從滑鼠平台跌下來

滑鼠平台可左右安裝, 方便不同人仕使用

鍵盤托附送了 Microban® 抗菌記憶凝膠護腕墊,除了有助舒緩手腕支撐點的壓力外,更為用戶提供安全衛生工作環境

特別流暢路軌設計, 使用暢順

鍵盤托的防滑設計, 減少鍵盤移動, 更符合所需

鍵盤托傾斜度:靈活調較由 -10∘至 30∘

路軌長度: 435 mm

鍵盤托可調節高度:可靈活調較, 由檯面以上 30 mm 至檯下108 mm

鍵盤托連滑鼠平台尺吋: 700 (長) X 240 (闊) mm

安裝要求 (最少):

a) 檯面深度 460 mm

b) 檯面闊度 700 mm

c) 檯面厚度 19 mm

Fully adjustable tray enhances comfort in smaller workspaces

Loosen single knob to adjust tray height and tilt, then retighten knob to lock in position

Warning Trak™ helps prevent mouse from sliding off mousing platform

Standard platform accommodates both right and left-handed mousing

Soothing memory foam wrist supports with Microban® antimicrobial protection stay cleaner and place hands/wrists in neutral position

Features compact glide track to fit restricted workspaces

Non-skid pads prevent undesired keyboard

Track length: 435 mm

Keyboard drawer flexible height adjustment: above table 30 mm, below table 108 mm

Whole unit dimension:700 (L) X 240 (W) mm

Installation requirement (min):

a) Table depth : 460 mm

b) Table width : 700 mm

c) Table thickness: 19 mm



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